Freeport Public Schools Parent University

Freeport Public Schools Parent University is an event where parents can come to learn the very latest in a vast array of current topics. These free exciting workshops, conducted in English and Spanish, are an opportunity to sharpen parenting skills as we work together on life’s most important and demanding pursuit: raising successful children.
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Registration for the workshops will open on November 4, 2014.  
Date: November 17, 2014
Location: Freeport High School
Time: 7-9 p.m.

•    What Is 3-D printing?
•    How to Survive and Thrive in Middle School
•    Is Your High School Child “On Track to College?”
•    Growing Readers
•    Digital Citizenship  
•    Make and Take Math Activities
•    Surfing the Web 2.0: Looking for great websites to support your child’s learning?
•    Growth Mindsets: Using positive language that encourages your child’s success
•    Parents and Teachers Working Together to Support English Language Learners in High School English Courses
•    Navigating the High School Experience

Parent University Schedule:
7-7:20 p.m.: Opening Presentation in Freeport High School Auditorium
7:30-8:10 p.m.: Attend Workshop Session
8:15-9 p.m.: Attend Workshop Session 2
Refreshments: Light refreshments will be provided

Learn about 3D printing: How Freeport High School has integrated this cutting edge technology into classroom instruction.

Is Your High School Child “On Track to College?”: Learn what it means to be on track for college by learning about graduation requirements, SAT tests, AP courses and extra-help opportunities at FHS.

Growing Readers (K-6): Learn what it means for a student to be on grade level in reading. Leave with strategies to help your child enjoy reading and ways to help your child at home.

Digital Citizenship: Learn about the importance of modeling digital citizenship. Explore strategies for discussing with our children both how and why we need to be conscious of what we post.

Make and Take Math Activities: Learn how to help your child at home in math by making and taking home activities and games that promote mathematical thinking and problem-solving.

Surfing the Web 2.0: Looking for great websites to support your child’s learning? Learn about a selection of great websites designed to support your child’s learning across content areas.

Growth Mindsets: Using positive language that encourages your child’s success. Learn how to use the latest research on motivation to help your child be the best that he or she can be!

Parents and Teachers Working Together to Support English Language Learners in High School English Courses: The new Common Core Learning Standards require students to engage deeply with complex texts within and across disciplines. This workshop is aimed at providing parents with perspective, tools and direction to help these unique children meet the demands of daily academic assignments.

Navigating the High School Experience: Learn tips and tricks to help your child get the most out of their Freeport High School experience.

Welcome to Parent University

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11/5/14 - Planning/Action Mtg. Atkinson 7:30pm

High school library completely READesigned

Through a competitive application, the school district was selected as the winner of the Capital One Heart of America (HOA) Foundation READesign Long Island program.

As a result, the high school library was transformed into a state-of-the-art college-and-career resource center and library offering a plethora of educational opportunities.

As part of the program, which was funded by Capital One Bank, students will have a technologically advanced media center to work on projects, conduct research, read and maximize their potential. Additions to the media center include new computers, iPads, and televisions, books and student tables and chairs, which facilitate students’ participation in group projects.

“What you have done for us will absolutely be remembered forever,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham said. “We thank you for making our library a very creative and intellectually stimulating place. We appreciate your generosity and your commitment to build stronger communities and a stronger America. You have made an everlasting difference for our students and community.”

The grand reopening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the revamped library began with a full day of exciting activities at the school. In a special morning ceremony, three high school students were honored as Heroes of the Heart by the HOA. Mohdshobair Hussaini, Lois Evans and Joel Abreu all received certificates for their academic accomplishments and outstanding community service to Freeport. Principal Linda Carter said the students embody stellar ethics, and said “thank you to the Hussaini, Evans and Abreu families for instilling these values in your children.”

Regarding the new library, Carter stated “Once we were bestowed the honor of receiving this wonderful READesign makeover, we put our team together because in Freeport, we are a team. You have embraced that theme. I thank you for your level of commitment, and all that you are doing for our students. You have become a part of the Freeport community.”
    Following the awards, Freeport students joined Capital One volunteers to assemble furniture, arrange books and put the finishing touches on the library prior to its ribbon-cutting. While some students lent a helping hand, others participated in career development workshops hosted by Capital One.

Dr. Kuncham and members of the Board of Education, who were joined by Village Mayor Robert Kennedy and Town of Hempstead Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby. thanked Capital One and expressed excitement about the opportunities afforded to Freeport students as a result.

“This past year, we have gotten over $8 million in grants,” Pomerico said. “Because of the grants, we are able to do things like this. On behalf of the Board of Education, we thank you. Doing projects like this is very difficult with the financial strains we are under. Thank you Capital One and Heart of America for helping us.”

Picking from a Pumpkin Patch

During the week of Halloween, Archer Street School celebrated its annual Pumpkin Day.

The day was filled with pumpkin-related activities and fall festivities for each class. Students visited the school’s pumpkin patch, which was created in the courtyard, and each student chose one pumpkin for the day.

Elizabeth Piddoubny’s second-grade students illustrated and wrote about their pumpkin property observations. In art class, children answered the target question, “how can we use lines and patterns to design a pumpkin?” Students created a large pumpkin drawing using the various line names and styles they’ve learned this year.  

New Visions honored for reading prowess

For the sixth consecutive year, New Visions School was recognized for having read the most books during the summer of any elementary school in the district.

The special ceremony began with a musical performance by students and was followed by the distribution of certificates to the children who read the most books. Leah Awalow and Chinwe Okike read 36 books each, twins Kelvin and Kaitlin Lopez read 72 books each, Tatiana Phelps read 73 books and brother Chase and Lucca Noboa read 72 books each.

Freeport Memorial Library Director Ken Belefiore and Children’s Room Librarian Mary Ellen Cantano then presented the school with the summer reading club trophy. New Visions has earned the trophy every year since the library has held the contest.

Principal Renee Crump-Dedmond then reviewed the school’s “high-five” rules, which are to be here, be safe, be caring, be responsible and be respectful. The program concluded with a surprise song-and-dance performance by School Librarian Mimi Bino and a group of teachers.  

Congratulations to the Class of 2015’s Top 10 Seniors!

The Board of Education, administration and faculty congratulate the top 10 seniors of Freeport High School’s Class of 2015: Valedictorian Mohdshobair Hussaini, Salutatorian Lois Evans, Monique Simmon, Rachel Julian, Nicolle Salazar, Lynda Tinglin, Brian Abreu-Tejada, Champ Larocca, Mariela Carvajal and Ashley Grissom.

New Visions girls get running start

For 10 weeks, third- and fourth-grade girls at New Visions Elementary School are participating in a physical activity-based positive youth development program.

The program, named Girls on the Run, is designed to develop and enhance girls’ social, psychological and physical competencies, with the goal of ultimately helping them successfully navigate life experiences.

The girls meet twice a week and are inspired to be healthy and confident through a curriculum that creatively incorporates running and other cardiovascular workouts led by a team of instructors.  The program culminates with the girls entering a 5K run at Hofstra University.

School Bus Safety week - Important information for parents


Homecoming Video

Watch the video below:

School spirit on display for homecoming victory


A chilly afternoon and a forecast for rain did not deter hundreds of children, students, faculty, family members and community residents from attending homecoming on Oct. 11 at the high school.

The day was filled with festivities for everyone, including the high school’s traditional family fair, held on the backfield before the Red Devils’ game against the Uniondale Knights. At the fair, which featured a variety of foods, games, booths for school clubs and many other attractions, the district’s elementary PTAs greeted community members, while faculty reconnected with students past and present. There were also countless displays of school pride, with nearly everyone wearing combinations of Freeport’s red and white.

A half-hour before the big game, the Freeport cheerleaders, the marching band, and representatives from the Classes of 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 showed their school spirit during a parade that started on the perimeter of the fair and culminated on the track adjacent to the football field. The homecoming court, comprised of freshmen Isaiah Stone and Mckaylah Kissling, sophomores Jonathan Deleon and Kimberly Adames, juniors Jean Carlos De Leon and Alexis Rivera, and seniors Erick Serrano and Deborah Castaneda, who were named king and queen, gathered for photos.

Prior to kickoff, the Red Devils were introduced to an enthusiastic home crowd that filled the bleachers to capacity. At halftime, the cheerleaders and marching band took the field and showcased their talents. The enthusiastic spectators showed their appreciation with a resounding round of cheers and applause.

The energized home team played a great game and did not disappoint their fans, beating the Knights, 31-21. Their determination and athleticism, along with the precision performances of the marching band and cheerleaders and the many displays of school pride, gave community members reason to smile.

“I enjoy homecoming because the abundance of school spirit is on display everywhere – from the parking lot to the stands and fields,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, who was in attendance along with the Board of Education. “It’s a great day for Freeport.”


Freeport Schools first in Nassau to use new vision screening system

Freeport became the first school district in Nassau County to provide SpotVision, a new state-of-the-art vision screening system, to its students.

Kindergartners at Archer Street School were the first group of students to benefit from the groundbreaking eye exam. Archer Street School nurse Sarah Molese administered the eye exams, which take just a few seconds to complete. Unlike traditional eye chart tests, SpotVision instantly screens for possible nearsightedness or farsightedness, astigmatisms, eye turns, lazy eye or depth perception issues.

Each student stood approximately six feet away, while the handheld scanner examined both eyes and listed any possible conditions the child may have. Individual printouts of the examination results were available immediately following each screening.

The district sent letters home to parents advising them of their child’s vision results and recommended a follow-up visit with an ophthalmologist, if necessary.

SpotVision’s implementation in Freeport was made possible through a joint partnership with Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano.

“These screenings will contribute to the well-being and to the future academic success of our children,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham said. “We look forward to continuing this partnership enabling us to provide screening on a larger scale.”

Bayview promotes the value of anti-bullying

As part of the district’s ongoing character education program, elementary schools have been hosting anti-bullying lessons for their third- and fourth-graders during the month of October.

At Bayview Avenue School, Child Abuse Prevention Services speakers visited third-grade classes as part of a Steer Clear of Bullies Program. Each class participated in two sessions that featured role-playing opportunities for students, anti-bullying advice and multimedia lessons for children.

Students in Jenna Tucciarone’s class learned about different forms of bullying, warning signs of a bully, the importance of being empathetic and how to seek help.

“It’s important to teach children early in the school year about ways to avoid bullying,” Social Worker Cindy Misrock said. “This program is the first of many we will hold throughout the year that are designed to help students.”      

Concert promotes peace

On the International Day of Nonviolence and the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most notable advocates of passive resistance in history, the district held its annual peace concert and art exhibit at the high school.

With student musicians and artists from all eight of the district’s buildings at the forefront, the evening featured song-and-dance performances promoting peace. Board of Education members, parents, administrators, faculty, community residents, and elected officials attended the event, where performers from each school took turns showcasing their talents.

The evening began with welcome speeches by District Music Director Anne-Marie Hudley Simmons, High School Principal Linda Carter and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, who spoke on behalf of the board of education and the school district.

“We welcome you to our celebration of International Nonviolence Day and Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday,” Dr. Kuncham said. “Our students are involved everyday in promoting peace and nonviolence, and I thank the teachers, administrators and everyone who has helped to make this event possible.” Dr. Kuncham then referenced a famous quote by Gandhi. “’Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind,” he said. “It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.’”

The speeches were followed by a slideshow highlighting peaceful coexistence among all life forms and Columbus Avenue kindergartners speaking about what peace means to them. Performances by New Visions, Archer Street, Bayview Avenue, Giblyn, Atkinson and Dodd students followed. The high school Sinfonietta’s performance of “What a Wonderful World,” concluded the program.

“An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind,” said high school student Rajiv Chanda, who emceed the program. “We must pursue peace to make this a wonderful world.”


Annual Peace Concert and Art Exhibit

Watch the video below:

Bayview honors grandparents with ceremony

Children and their grandparents filled the auditorium at Bayview Avenue School of Arts & Sciences for a special morning ceremony on Oct. 1.

As part of Grandparents Day — an annual Bayview tradition — children hosted a program featuring a lineup of student sing-and-dance performances and also paid tribute to two special honorees from the Meadowbrook Care Center. Grandparents then visited their grandchildren’s classrooms.

The program began with a flag ceremony led by students Trinity Bowers, Nina Wright and Christopher Yotagri, and class performances  followed. Students sang several pieces, including “Happy Grandparents Day” and “Rockin’ Robin.”

Grandparents Day honorees Kate Schneider and Jean Gibney were then recognized by students who had previously interviewed them, and presented with flowers and certificates by Principal Odette Wills.

“This is one of my favorite days of the entire year,” Wills said. “Today, we honor these truly special members of the Bayview community, and we thank them for all they do for our children.”