42 Students earn AP Scholar awards

Forty-two students in the high school Classes of 2014 and 2015 have earned the designation of Advanced Placement Scholar from the College Board due to their outstanding achievement on the college-level Advanced Placement exams.

The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based on a student’s performance on AP exams. Nine students were named AP Scholars with Distinction, including one National AP Scholar. Five students were named AP Scholars with Honors, and 28 were designated as AP Scholars.

At Freeport High School, Advanced Placement courses are open to students who are recommended for them by their teachers; students must then maintain an average of 85 or better to remain at the AP level. Students can earn college credits while still in high school, advanced placement or both for successful performance on the AP exams. As college admissions become more competitive, participation in AP courses has become an increasingly important component for acceptance to top schools. Successful completion of AP courses is also considered a good indicator of future success by most colleges.

“We are very proud of our students who have earned the prestigious honor of the AP Scholar award this year,” Freeport High School Principal Linda Carter said. “They have demonstrated college-level achievement through AP courses and exams, and they continue to excel and strive for the best. Congratulations to our Freeport High School AP Scholars!”

National AP Scholar

Lee Stetson, a graduate of the Class of 2014 who is now attending Stonybrook University, qualified for the National AP Scholar award by earning an average score of 4 or higher on eight or more AP exams. This is the highest honor an AP Scholar can earn.

AP Scholars with Distinction

Nine students received AP Scholar with Distinction awards by earning an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. These students are Mohdshobair Hussaini, Karolyn Ellis, Nicolle Salazar, Kenny Escobar, Alana Ezeji, Cory Nezin, Javier Otero, Andy Queliz-Tejada and Lee Stetson.

AP Scholars with Honor

Five students qualified for the AP Scholar with Honor Award by earning an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams. Brian Abreu-Tejada, Leonardo Espinal, Lois Evans, Alan Luna and Erick Penate all achieved this distinction.

AP Scholars

Twenty-eight students qualified for the AP Scholar Award by receiving scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams. These students are Joel Abreu-Abreu, Jeny Ayala, Ashley Grissom, Brooke Baker, Malikia Hamilton, Felicia Benoit, Kembelin Nunez, Catherine Castillo, Candy Pacheco, Maria Cruz-Orellana, Kristopher Saint-Louis, Justin Droopad, Monique Simmon, Kaylinn Ellis, Jeremy Fey, Elvis Garcia Rodriguez, Alanna Gordon, Joseph Hernandez, Graciela Jamieson, Sarah-Ann King, Adia Matthew, Celine Orosco, Victoria Otero, Danny Pineyro, Janiece Royall, Kayla Sigmone, Jonathan Valerio and Rosmairy Vicente.

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Archer Street School shows American pride on 9/11

From faculty to students, the patriotic spirits of everyone were on full display at Archer Street Elementary School on the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Teachers escorted their classes to the front lawn for a morning assembly that not only celebrated American pride, but also honored the lives lost on the tragic day. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Principal Paula Lein spoke to the students and teachers about the importance of the day and about how we must always remember its impact and the courage of thousands of rescuers.

Lein then directed everyone’s attention to the American flag, which was raised to half-mast and saluted. A moment of silence was observed in honor of the lives that were lost, and “Proud to be an American” was played, with many children putting their hands over their hearts to signify respect and national pride.

“Much has changed in the 13 years since our country was attacked,” Lein said. “But what remains constant is our commitment to liberty and the love of this great country.”   

Tuesday, October 2: All Schools Districwide Peace Concert/Art Exhibit @ FHS 7 pm; Click here to view photos from last year's concert.

Saturday, October 11: Homecoming @ Freeport High School 3 pm

Board of Education lauds district’s academic improvement

The Board of Education nominated longtime trustee Ronald Ellerbe as a delegate for the New York State School Board 2014 Convention at its meeting on Sept. 10.

The Board also welcomed new teachers and granted tenure to J.W. Dodd Middle School science teacher Robert Fallot.

Community residents and many district staff members attended the meeting, where Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham proudly shared that the Class of 2014 had achieved 83 percent graduation rate, which was the highest in recent history. The district’s strategic plan for 2009-10 through 2014-15 was also presented. Dr. Kuncham noted that it’s time to consider the next five years and ensure that the district continues to improve academically. He also said that the students in the district’s eight buildings have started the school year on a high note.

“I have noticed many positive vibrations and enthusiasm in all of the schools,” said Dr. Kuncham. “That’s a solid representation of the district as a whole.”

Dr. Kuncham, along with Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Gerard W. Poole, presented a slide show depicting the district’s improvement in several academic areas in recent years. Dr. Kuncham discussed five main goals of the strategic plan, noting that “increasing student achievement and promoting academic rigor” were paramount, he said.

Poole also presented charts and line graphs to the audience, adding that “the district has taken significant strides in improving academic performances.

9/30/14 - BOE Action Mtg. Atkinson 7:30pm

Staff gathers for superintendent’s conference day

Teachers, administrators and board of education members of the District gathered for a two-day conference prior to the start of the 2014-15 school year.

The first day featured motivational speeches by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham and Board of Education President Michael Pomerico, who thanked all of the different departments within the school district for their hard work and commitment to excellence. The program began with a montage of photos highlighting staff members from the district’s eight schools and also included short video clips.

“The district’s recent successes, including the Class of 2014 achieving the district’s highest graduation rate, would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of our teachers,” said Dr. Kuncham. “While challenges will arise in the coming school year, I am positive that our district will continue to excel and improve year after year.”

During the professional development workshops on the second day, teachers gathered with their respective departments and reviewed the Common Core Learning Standards, curriculum and instructional tools, and keys for success.

Students begin new school year in style

The district’s eight buildings opened on Sept. 2 with wide smiles on the faces of both new and returning students.

The Class of 2015 began its last year at Freeport High School among familiar faces, while the class of 2027 was escorted to the district’s various elementary schools by parents and guardians.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham was at Bayview Elementary School to greet the excited children stepping off of school buses. There was an undeniable buzz surrounding the school, as many children ran up to the building with their friends. Others held the hand of a parent and wore a colorful backpack, full of supplies for the new school year.

Although the warm temperatures outside made it feel as though summer vacation was far from over, children throughout the district were excited about their new beginnings and are ready to tackle the academic challenges of another school year. 

Administrators welcome new staff members

New teachers and other professional staff members were welcomed by the Board of Education and administration at the New and Second Year Teacher Orientations on Aug. 18 at the Caroline Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School.

The program began with greetings and introductions led by Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Special Projects Dr. Mary Bediako, who welcomed the new hires and introduced members of central administration, building principals and other key personnel, before announcing each new staff member by name and the school building in which they’d work.
“On behalf of the Board of Education, administration, faculty, staff, parents and students, I want to welcome you to our Freeport family,” Dr. Bediako said. “Please teach our students well. The Freeport community is counting on you.”
Board President Michael Pomerico also offered his congratulations. “Be proud of where you work,” he said. “A lot of good things happen here.”
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham told the new professional staff members that they were brought to Freeport to make an “absolute significant difference” in the lives of the children in the district. He also stressed the importance of relationships and communication. “Students in our community need these two important things,” Dr. Kuncham said. “Know the children in your class very well. Make it a point to know something about them everyday. Transforming a school district happens in the classroom.”
The newest members of the staff were also greeted by Gerald Poole, the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction; Louis Frontario, the assistant superintendent for business; and Michael Singleton, the executive director of operations, who offered words of advice to the group before they embarked on a bus tour of Freeport Village, which included the Freeport Historical Museum and the Freeport Memorial Library.  
The day concluded with an orientation workshop. As part of their orientation, new hires will attended workshops on Aug. 19 and 20, including EdWords: College and Career Readiness for secondary teachers, and Teach Like a Champion for teachers K-6. The orientation concluded on Aug. 21 with staff members reporting to their respective schools.

Seventh-Graders Welcomed to J.W. Dodd Middle School

New seventh-graders at J.W. Dodd Middle School were welcomed by Principal Johane Ligondé in an orientation that was also attended by their parents.
The students, who were seated in groups with their peers for the program, participated in team-building activities designed to foster confidence and self-esteem in light of a new beginning. After appointing a leader, each group wrote down characteristics about its members that kids felt would be conducive towards success at Dodd. Groups wrote down words such as “intelligent,” “creative,” and “successful,” which Ligondé reminded students would all be results of hard work.
During the program, students were also reminded about the code of conduct that is expected of them on a daily basis. They were told to prepare for more homework and to be mindful of their actions. Parents were reminded of the dangers of social media and encouraged to monitor their children’s online activities.
Students were also given a tour of the school, assigned lockers and had their photos taken for their personal student identification cards.
“It’s important for the children to know that success is achievable through hard work,” Ligondé said. “We’re very clear about what our expectations are for each child to maximize his or her potential.”

Summer Grads Added to Class of 2014

Perseverance and hard work over the summer months paid off for 31 Freeport High School students, who were granted a Class of 2014 diploma during a summer ceremony attended by proud parents, faculty members and administrators in the high school auditorium.

The Class of 2014 achieved a milestone 83 percent graduation rate, the highest in recent memory. Board of Education President Michael Pomerico noted that the achievements of these students contributed to this outstanding accomplishment.     Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham encouraged the graduates to think of three words – “yes, I can.” “Never underestimate the power of your actions,” he said. “Use your strength and courage to overcome challenges.”

Summer school Principal Gleni Peña told the students that “graduation” is another word for “opportunity.“ “What we learn in school is the beginning of a lifelong process,” she said. 

As their names were called, the students crossed the stage to receive their diplomas from Mr. Pomerico and Dr. Kuncham and shake the hands of administrators and Board trustees. A bright future awaits these Freeport High School Class of 2014 graduates.