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Students Enjoy Project-Filled Summer Session

More than 200 students in grades K-10 shared project-based learning experiences as they attended the district’s four-week ESL Summer Academy from July 6-30.  

Teachers worked collaboratively across all grade levels to develop theme-based learning approaches, which included ocean ecology, Depths of Knowledge, the use of geometry to build a 3-D city, the scientific method and a community service project to help local animal shelter Bobbi and the Strays. In addition to a visit to the animal shelter, the summer program included field trips to Garvies Point Preserve, the Cradle of Aviation Museum and the Queens Hall of Science, all of which provided opportunities to enrich the students’ lives and learning. The students from Dodd and FHS visited the shelter twice and made items to donate to the dogs and cats.

The students and teachers shared a productive, enjoyable and educational four weeks together.

9/9/15 - BOE Planning/Action Mtg. Atkinson 7:30pm

Atkinson Welcomes Class of 2023

The incoming fifth-grade class at Atkinson was welcomed at an orientation prior to the first day of school.    

The program was designed for students, coming together following their completion of fourth-grade at the district’s four elementary schools, to familiarize themselves with their new school building and its general rules. Principal Connie Velez introduced herself to the students and assured them that they will have a wonderful and exciting school year, and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham was in attendance to personally welcome them to their new school.

Appointed student ambassadors, Atkinson upperclassmen, took groups of the incoming fifth-graders on a tour of the school. Students also participated in a treasure hunt and completed word searches and crossword puzzles as creative and fun ways to interact with each other. Following their tour, students enhanced their knowledge of the school by answering questions about what they learned while with their upperclassmen.

The orientation served as a way for students to meet each other and familiarize themselves with their building and dedicated staff prior to another successful school year.

High School Welcomes Class of 2019

The high school hosted an orientation for its incoming students and their families prior to the start of the 2015-2016 school year.
The purpose of the interactive program, led by Principal Linda Carter, was to provide the freshmen with valuable information about school policies, expectations and tips about how to best succeed under the guidance of the committed staff. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham spoke to students about how much they can accomplish at the high school, and encouraged them to try their best as soon as they begin their first year.
“As you have now entered through the doors of Freeport High School, you have just stepped into a wonderful world of opportunities,” Dr. Kuncham said. “At Freeport High School, anything and everything that you want to become is possible. We want to make sure that the entire class of 2019 graduates on time. I urge you to study as hard as you can, become involved, make the right choices, and be dedicated to your work. If you do that, the sky is the limit for you.”
Freshmen and their families were divided into groups to further enhance their orientation experience; parents engaged in discussions with guidance counselors, administrators and department chairpersons for specialized information, while students received a guided tour of the school by members of the Peer Leadership Program. In breakout sessions, the Peer Leadership staff also led discussions with students about topics including the freshman experience, study skills and extra-curricular activities.
The freshman orientation served to prepare the class of 2019 for their first days of ninth-grade, and inspired them to continue working hard as they transition from Dodd to the high school.

District Welcomes its Newest Teachers

With district administrators and principals in attendance, Freeport Public Schools welcomed their newest educators at a new teacher orientation prior to the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

The program, which was held at Atkinson, was designed to remind the new teachers to encourage their students to maximize their potential. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham urged the new teachers to “lead with courage,” and to be fearless while they go above and beyond in their crafts. Board of Education trustee Ernest J. Kight, Jr. recited the traditional proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” to stress the importance of maintaining a unified dedication to the district’s students.

Assistant Superintendent for Personnel & Special Projects Dr. Mary Bediako, who coordinated the program, told the teachers that the district is counting on them to help continue to lead students on the path to future success. The new educators then took a New Teacher Pledge, led by Dr. Bediako, by raising their right hands and promising to fulfill their roles diligently with students’ best interests in mind. The orientation concluded with a bus tour of Freeport Village, Freeport Historical Museum and Freeport Memorial Library for all of the new teachers, followed by a review of district policies.

The new teacher orientation served as an inspirational precursor to the upcoming school year.

Freeport students get a 3D look at Technology Pathways at P-TECH Camp


Summer is traditionally a time for students to sleep later, play more, and unwind from last year’s schooling – but not for Long Island P-TECH students! The Pathways to Technology Early College High School program, a grant-funded consortium project, supports student engagement in science, math, and technology subjects and activities, combining the best elements of high school, college and work-based learning, and empowering students to pursue an advanced education and to be financially successful in the global economy. A summer program hosted at SUNY Farmingdale allowed 18 Freeport incoming ninth-graders to explore their pathways into technology-related professions, focusing this year on 3D printing, a tool becoming more widely used in manufacturing and other industries. Working in collaboration with Farmingdale State College staff and students from the Mechanical Engineering program, the students learned about the components of 3D printers, toured Long Island facilities currently using the technology, and then built and printed actual objects using their 3D printers. Talk about an exciting summer!


Summer Training for Marching Band

Students of the high school’s marching band and color guard reported to the school on Aug. 10-14 for a weeklong training session on the field.
The camp, which was held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, was led by Freeport High School Band Director Michael LaSorsa and Dodd Middle School Band Director Adam Rubin. Each day, the students prepared for their performances in the upcoming 2015-2016 school year by practicing several skills including synchronization, formation, and working together to create visually and musically sound masterpieces.
The marching band camp reinforced the components of a successful musical ensemble, and also served to give students a head start on polishing their crafts.

Motown Comes Alive During Summer Program


More than 230 students in grades 4-8, along with nearly 40 youth volunteers and teachers, embraced the music and history of Motown through theatrical, musical and dance performances at a high-energy show, which culminated the district’s Summer Academy of the Arts Program.

Sponsored by the 21st Century Community Learning Center Literacy through the Arts Program, the four-week, free summer program offers students an opportunity to explore the arts through music, dance, theatre and visual arts.

“This program allows the students to have access to the arts and to continue their arts education over the summer months,” Dr. Talonda Thomas, the program’s coordinator said. “They learn to play instruments, dance, sculpt and paint. They also take part in theatre classes.”

During the show, parents in the audience clapped along as participants reenacted famous Motown musicians such as The Jackson 5, Chuck Berry and the Marvelettes through theatrical, musical and dance performances. They also enjoyed an exhibit featuring the students’ artwork displayed in the lobby of the building.


Summer Academy of the Arts in Full Swing

The opportunities for learning are continuing through the summer vacation in the Freeport Public Schools.

The Summer Academy of the Arts 21st Century program, designed to enhance and accelerate learning of various arts-related courses and lessons, is underway for students in fourth- through eighth-grade.

Enrollment for the courses has exceeded expectations, as 250 district students are taking advantage of the widely-popular program. As part of the program, students have had the opportunity to supplement their lessons during the school year with extra exposure to wind and string instruments, choral music, musical technology, visual art, dance and theater. Students have been participating in activities such as drawing, script-writing and dancing. The program will culminate with a comprehensive showcase of students’ skills on July 31 in exit project Motown.

The Summer Academy of the Arts program is designed to advance students’ learning and cultivation of the arts, in addition to keeping their minds engaged as they enjoy their summer vacations.

Freeport High School Class of 2015 graduates


With their proud families, friends, teachers and administrators in attendance, Freeport High School’s Class of 2015 celebrated its graduation at Hofstra University.

The ceremony opened with a musical performance by the symphonic orchestra, conducted by Jill Boardman, and a rendition of the national anthem by the select chorale, directed by Monique Retzlaff. Prior to the announcement of graduates’ names, several speakers, including Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, Principal Ms. Linda Carter, valedictorian Mohdshobair Hussaini and salutatorian Lois Evans, delivered motivational words to the graduating class.

Dr. Kuncham encouraged the students to be fearless and to use their uniqueness to further pave their paths to success.

 “As you move on to your new journey, be fearless and be all you can be. If you don’t already know it, know that you are unique,” said Dr. Kuncham. “Find your unique talents, gifts and dreams, and be your own personal best. Compare yourself to no one — only to yourself. Don’t let other opinions suppress your inner voice, and don’t try to live up to someone else’s notion of perfection. Your uniqueness is your best friend. Find it, accept it, and love it. The world is filled with endless possibilities, and it is your world.”

Ms. Carter urged students to keep in mind those who have supported them, guided them and encouraged them as they strive towards making a difference in the world.

“As you leave Freeport High School today, you leave not just with an education, but with the tools to make a difference in the lives of others,” said Ms. Carter. “Take what you have learned from your parents, family members and the amazing educators, teachers and administrators you have come in contact with, and use it as you begin the next chapter of your life. As you meet new challenges, use it to accomplish your goals and create your own legacy, but do it for the sake of others.”

Valedictorian Hussaini, salutatorian Evans and class vice president Maya Henson reflected on their personal experiences, and thanked their families and friends for being their guiding lights.

“After a shake of the hand, you’re told that this is the moment your real life begins,” said Evans. “But your life began when you swept up your tears and walked to work after school, or when you barely passed that test, but vowed to ace the next one.”

“I would like to thank my mom and dad for all they have done for me, especially my mom, who’s the greatest gift God could’ve ever given me,” said Hussaini. “The moment you step out of this arena tonight, I’m hoping you realize that the ball is in your court, you make your next move, you control your own future and you write your own destiny.”

Following the announcement of all of the graduates’ names, students participated in a celebratory toss of their caps into the air. Assistant Principal Mr. Nelson Holland then addressed the students, assuring them that with the support of their families and Freeport High School staff, they are equipped with the tools to help them navigate any road their dreams take them down.  

Best of continued luck to Freeport High School’s Class of 2015!

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Columbus Students Have a Field Day

Students and staff at Columbus didn’t let a rainy day deter them from participating in a day full of fun and friendly physical activities.

The school’s pre-kindergartners and kindergartners worked together to accomplish tasks during its annual Field Day program. Physical education teacher William Timmes, who organized the daylong spring staple, set up a variety of stations around the school gymnasium. Students were tasked with activities including balancing a ball on a cone, balancing a ring on a giant foam lollipop, crawling through a tunnel made of rolled-up mats to touch a cone and reverting back the starting point, and racing in potato sacks.

During a break, kindergartners also picnicked in the gymnasium, just as they would have on the field of Northeast Park in Freeport.

Field Day was designed to continue developing students’ motor skills and coordination, in addition to encouraging teamwork and physical activity.