Archer trots for cats and dogs

As part of its Thanksgiving celebration, students and faculty at Archer Street gave back to the community with a fundraiser for its four-legged friends.

During the school’s Turkey Trot, local nonprofit animal rescue organization Bobbi & the Strays was presented with a check for $2,000. Students then held colorful signs and wore festive hats during the Turkey Trot around the school.

The fundraiser was held throughout November, and donating students’ names were posted onto feathers which adorned a bulletin board in the school.

“This fundraiser was done so that we can give back to you,” Principal Paula Lein said to Bobbi & the Strays. “We are so grateful that you help the cats and dogs of our community by giving them loving homes.”

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, who was also in attendance, recognized Bobbi & the Strays for the “outstanding work they do on a volunteer basis,” and said that the fundraiser is a testament to the pride Freeport schools take in giving back to the community.

Dodd works in harmony to create one

As part of its ongoing series of professional development workshops, faculty at Dodd rang in the holiday season during its participation in a Teachers Teaching Teachers session.

The workshop featured members of the school’s music department teaching their colleagues how to sing and create music for “Carol of the Bells.” Teachers worked in two independent groups — vocal and instrumental — and fostered teamwork by collaborating and working toward a common goal.

The workshop, which was based on formative assessment and effective feedback, culminated with a unified performance of the holiday classic.

FHS Honor Society inducts 88 students

With their families in attendance, 88 standout students of the high school were celebrated with a special National Honor Society ceremony.

Student class representatives took turns lighting a candle during the program, which was also attended by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham and several members of the Board of Education. New inductees’ names were announced, and each student walked onto the stage to receive a NHS medal from Principal Linda Carter. The ceremony culminated with the inductees raising their right hands and pledging to represent the prestigious organization with pride, dignity and respect.

“You are already on the right journey,” Dr. Kuncham said to the students. “You have continued to display the National Honor Society’s pillars of leadership, character, service and scholarship. Continue on this never-ending journey, because these are the pillars of a great and fulfilled life.”

12/3/14 - Planning/Action Mtg. Atkinson 7:30pm


School’s in session for district’s families

Families of the district’s students attended the first Parent University at the high school on Nov. 17.

The two-hour event for grades K-12 included several workshops, such as tips on how to thrive in middle school, the importance of using positive language and recommended websites to support students academically. High school students assisted attendees in signing up for the workshops, which were conducted in both English and Spanish by Freeport faculty, and led them to the designated classrooms.

Parent University brought the community’s educators and families together to collectively discuss ways to help students maximize their academic potential.

Students honor local police officers

As part of its annual Adopt-A-Cop program, fourth-grade students from each elementary school honored officers from the Freeport Police Department at special assemblies.

Giblyn, Archer, New Visions and Bayview Avenue schools welcomed the officers with a variety of illustrations, songs, poems and essays during each school’s ceremony. At Giblyn, student representatives from each class read letters of appreciation to the visiting officers. Students serenaded them with musical selections, including school theme song “Do You Know Who We Are,” and presented them with Adoption Certificates.

The program, which is coordinated by Officer Steven Rampanelli, is designed to foster communication between the children and local law enforcement officials. Approximately 40 officers participate in the program annually.   

Students perform for local veterans

The district’s schools were well represented at the American Legion’s annual Veterans Day ceremony at the Freeport Recreation Center on Nov. 11.
The high school’s JROTC performed a marching drill under the direction of Major Moore, and Atkinson fifth-graders, led by Choral Director Stephanie Arnell, sang “We Will Stand With You.”
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham and several members of the board of education also attended the ceremony, which was rounded out by speeches by local war veterans and a video montage depicting the hard work and dedication of our nation’s troops.

Help to Repeal the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA)

The Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) is a legislative formula that reduces state aid to school districts. The legislation was devised to assist the State in reducing its own $10 billion deficit. Over the past four years, it has been used to reduce state aid to Freeport by over $27 million, and over the past five years, we have lost a total of $35 million. It is not reasonable for the State to continue to address its deficit by transferring the burden to school districts. We ask you to support the effort to repeal the GEA by writing to elected representatives in Albany.


Lessons in astronaut education at Archer

Fourth-grade students at Archer Street School received a visit from a special guest to supplement their lesson about outer space.

Barry Howard, of the Garden City-based Cradle of Aviation Museum, spoke to students about astronauts and demonstrated how difficult it is for them to perform necessary tasks in outer space. To simulate astronauts’ suits, students put on blue gloves similar to the ones used by spacemen, and were challenged to complete tasks such as combining the heads of soda bottles and turning a screw into a bolt.

High School announces top 10 seniors

Minutes after the start of second period on Oct. 30, High School Principal Linda Carter made a surprise announcement of the top 10 seniors of the Class of 2015.

Carter requested that each student come to the guidance suite from their classes for personal congratulations from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, school faculty and counselors.

“Your dedication and commitment to hard work have made us all so proud of you,” Dr. Kuncham said.

The names of the seniors were announced in order from 10 to 3, and the revelation of salutatorian and valedictorian followed. The announcement of each student’s name was met with cheers and celebrations throughout the school in the students’ classrooms.

The Class of 2015’s valedictorian and salutatorian are Mohdshobair Hussaini and Lois Evans, respectively. Students rounding out the top 10 are Monique Simmon, Rachel Julian, Nicolle Salazar, Lynda Tinglin, Brian Abreu-Tejada, Champ LaRocca, Mariela Carvajal and Ashley Grissom.

The Board of Education and faculty extends its warmest congratulations to the high-achieving seniors and wishes each of them continued success in the future.

Students take glimpse into the future

The themes of continuous learning and investment in students’ futures were prevalent at the high school’s College and Career Night .

The event featured representatives from colleges and universities throughout the country visiting the high school to discuss courses, incentives, applications and much more. High school students and their parents were encouraged to attend and ask questions about what the various colleges offered. More than 100 colleges from 19 different states were represented at the fair, including several Ivy League institutions.

Workshops were conducted to provide additional information related to undergraduate learning, including financial aid, colleges for students with learning disabilities, preparing for the college process, historically black colleges and NCAA and athletic scholarships.

“It is never too early to start thinking about and planning for college,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham said said. “We promote continued learning and investing in our children’s future in Freeport. No matter how young or old, everyone should attend the College Fair.”

District celebrates Hispanic Heritage

Throughout the month of October, schools in the district celebrated Hispanic Heritage with a variety of assemblies and ceremonies.

Hispanic pride was on full display at all eight of the schools. From special honorees and traditional dance performances to the carrying of vibrant flags and delicious foods to indulge in, commemoration of the rich culture was a treat for all.

Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School’s kicked off its celebration of Hispanic Heritage in September with a special Spanish dance performance by students at the Board of Education meeting. In October, the school hosted an assembly featuring additional dance performances.

At the high school, Guidance Chairperson Emma Perdomo and school board Trustee Vilma Lancaster were honored for their contributions to the district at a special assembly.

“I am honored to have received this recognition and proud to serve as a role model to the students at Freeport High School,” Perdomo said.

Dual-language classes at Columbus Avenue School children were featured in two separate assemblies and received visits from Hispanic law-enforcement officials and Freeport Village trustees, while at Archer Street School, Puente workshops were held for students, parents and teachers. The focus of the workshop, which was conducted in Spanish, was to demonstrate how people in various Spanish-speaking countries use different words to describe a common item.

At Leo F. Giblyn School, Mayra Espina’s third-graders received a visit from Freeport Memorial Library Director Kenneth Belefiore for a special Hispanic Heritage-related reading. Afterward, the children enjoyed a variety of homemade Spanish foods, including tacos and empanadas..

Students pay tribute to Board of Education

In honor of Board of Education Recognition Month, district students honored the Board of education at its October meeting.

The meeting, held at Archer Street School, featured a musical performance by the school’s fourth-grade chorus group, and speeches by elementary and high school students, in which they thanked the school board. Several groups, including the Parent-Teacher Association, also expressed their gratitude with speeches and donations made in the name of the board to various charitable organizations.. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham said the board plays a major role in making Freeport an “effective and efficient school district.”

“We appreciate your hard work, dedication, vision and voice,” Dr. Kuncham said. “You are extraordinary people who provide innovative leadership and ensure that all students are able to grow and prosper with a fine education. Your actions and decisions have positively changed the lives of our children.”

The chorus said “thank you” while singing in front of a photomontage of the board of education.  Archer Street Principal Paula Lein said it was an honor and a privilege to be chosen as the site to host the event and thanked the board for supporting the school and community’s goal of helping make its students independent learners.

“Whether it’s crafting board policies, hiring administrators, listening to community concerns or recognizing outstanding programs, you always keep your eyes on the goal of student achievement,” Dr. Kuncham added. “We thank you for selflessly devoting your knowledge, time and talents as strong advocates for our school children. Thank you for inspiring us and leading us in good times and challenging times. We salute you!”

Welcome to Parent University

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High school library completely READesigned

Through a competitive application, the school district was selected as the winner of the Capital One Heart of America (HOA) Foundation READesign Long Island program.

As a result, the high school library was transformed into a state-of-the-art college-and-career resource center and library offering a plethora of educational opportunities. The district extends its warmest thanks to Capital One Long Island Market President Pete Appello and his team, and Heart of America Foundation Vice President Colleen Noland and her team, for making this project possible. The district is forever grateful for the positive impact the READesigned library will have on the Freeport School District and the community.

As part of the program, which was funded by Capital One Bank, students will have a technologically advanced media center to work on projects, conduct research, read and maximize their potential. Additions to the media center include new computers, iPads, and televisions, books and student tables and chairs, which facilitate students’ participation in group projects.

“What you have done for us will absolutely be remembered forever,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham said. “We thank you for making our library a very creative and intellectually stimulating place. We appreciate your generosity and your commitment to build stronger communities and a stronger America. You have made an everlasting difference for our students and community.”

The grand reopening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the revamped library began with a full day of exciting activities at the school. In a special morning ceremony, three high school students were honored as Heroes of the Heart by the HOA. Mohdshobair Hussaini, Lois Evans and Joel Abreu all received certificates for their academic accomplishments and outstanding community service to Freeport. Principal Linda Carter said the students embody stellar ethics, and said “thank you to the Hussaini, Evans and Abreu families for instilling these values in your children.”

Regarding the new library, Carter stated “Once we were bestowed the honor of receiving this wonderful READesign makeover, we put our team together because in Freeport, we are a team. You have embraced that theme. I thank you for your level of commitment, and all that you are doing for our students. You have become a part of the Freeport community.”
Following the awards, Freeport students joined Capital One volunteers to assemble furniture, arrange books and put the finishing touches on the library prior to its ribbon-cutting. While some students lent a helping hand, others participated in career development workshops hosted by Capital One.

Dr. Kuncham and members of the Board of Education, who were joined by Village Mayor Robert Kennedy and Town of Hempstead Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby. thanked Capital One and expressed excitement about the opportunities afforded to Freeport students as a result.

“This past year, we have gotten over $8 million in grants,” Pomerico said. “Because of the grants, we are able to do things like this. On behalf of the Board of Education, we thank you. Doing projects like this is very difficult with the financial strains we are under. Thank you Capital One and Heart of America for helping us.”

Picking from a Pumpkin Patch

During the week of Halloween, Archer Street School celebrated its annual Pumpkin Day.

The day was filled with pumpkin-related activities and fall festivities for each class. Students visited the school’s pumpkin patch, which was created in the courtyard, and each student chose one pumpkin for the day.

Elizabeth Piddoubny’s second-grade students illustrated and wrote about their pumpkin property observations. In art class, children answered the target question, “how can we use lines and patterns to design a pumpkin?” Students created a large pumpkin drawing using the various line names and styles they’ve learned this year.