Football Team Honored For Second Consecutive LI Championship

Football Team Honored For Second Consecutive LI Championship photo thumbnail146698

The Board of Education honored the Freeport High School Red Devils varsity football team on their outstanding achievement of winning their second consecutive Long Island Conference I Championship at a special dinner. The win marked Freeport’s seventh title since 2000.

Coaches, students and their families gathered at the dinner to honor the athletes on their accomplishment. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham and members of the board of education offered congratulations to the deserving team before awarding them their championship rings.

“Thank you for your commitment and amazing team effort,” said Dr. Kuncham. “Your incredible motivation has allowed you to accomplish this amazing triumph for your school and community. Your achievement will be just the first of good things throughout your life.”

On behalf of the Freeport Board of Education, President Ernest J. Knight Jr. expressed his praise to the team as well. “You are an elite class,” said Mr. Knight. “There are very few people who can say they are back to back Long Island champions.”

Coach Russ Cellan announced each student with a small anecdote about the season and how they contributed to the team. Each player received a ring, a commemorative plaque and medal to acknowledge their victory. 

The district congratulates the Freeport High School varsity football team on their impressive accomplishment and thanks all those who were involved in the monumental victory.