Students Celebrate 100 Days of School

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Archer Street, Bayview Avenue, Columbus Avenue and New Visions schools had an exciting time celebrating the district’s 100th day of school.
Different grade levels participated in various activities at Archer, including creating a cereal necklace with 100 pieces of fruit loops, building a tower made from 100 cups, writing about what they predict they’ll be doing at 100 years old and bring 100 of one item from home and glue it to a poster.
Bayview students and staff created 100th day T-shirts for the day. The PTA gave every child a pencil and bookmark as part of the celebration as well.

Meanwhile at Columbus, students celebrated the day with math projects, songs and dances. They also built a tower using 100 cups and participated in arts and crafts counting by 10 to 100. 

The first graders at New Visions School participated in a rotation to each classroom on the grade level. They created 100th day projects wearing their homemade 100th day shirts. Students made necklaces using 100 noodles, painted 100 gum balls with their fingers, made hats with 100 objects on it, and counted by 10s and made an ice cream cone with 10 scoops. In addition, students also took part in a writing activity where they wrote about what life would be like when they’re 100 years old.