Freeport Hosts Parent University Virtual Webinar

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The district hosted a districtwide Parent University Virtual Webinar. The purpose of the webinar was to keep parents and the community informed on district actions and preparedness to provide daily distance learning opportunities and support to students and families amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone was encouraged to regularly visit the district’s website for the latest resources and information.

With more than 100 viewers joining the webinar, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham led the discussion and was joined by the district’s administrative team who addressed the implementation of distance learning, the district’s grab-and-go meal program, free child care services to essential workers, mental health and wellness resources and questions submitted in advance by parents. 

Dr. Kuncham thanked all those who joined the virtual seminar and expressed his hope that everyone is healthy, safe and strong during this formidable time. He also thanked the board of education for their support, as well as administrators and staff for their hard work during the shift from classroom instruction to e-learning.

“We are all grieving over loss of freedom, social interactions and normalcy. We’re all terrified of the catastrophic health and financial risks that we all are facing,” Dr. Kuncham said. “Please stay strong, healthy, follow social distancing, wash your hands and follow all the protocols. Freeport families, thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. Together, we shall overcome these unprecedented challenges. Let’s be hopeful and let’s look for a bright future.”

Administrators discussed how the district successfully transitioned into e-learning, with the Chromebook initiative several years ago being a major benefit for the continuation of student education. The district has also provided Chromebooks and Wi-Fi services for those students who did not have access to these services. 

Other topics discussed included supporting the needs of special education students and English language learners; the cancellation of third through eighth grade state assessments and June Regents exams; new end of year grading guidelines; planning for longer school closures and the steps teachers are taking for the continuation of distance learning; and how to address graduations and other annual end of year events. To watch the webinar in its entirety, visit the district’s website at
Dr. Kuncham expressed how, now more than ever, it is important for students and parents to stay connected to the school district and to support one another. “Everyone is on the journey of embracing online instruction. It has provided a wealth of information for all of us and also has left questions unanswered that we are certainly going to tackle. Students, we truly miss you, we are here for you and we will soon be together again.”