Students Set Precedents with Firsts in Science Research

Freeport science research students competed in regional competitions and handily demonstrated the strength of the district’s science research program.
High school junior Mohdshobair Hussaini was one of twenty-six finalists from among more than 400 students that took part in the Long Island Science Congress Competition. His research into identifying efficient chelation mechanisms of mercury enabled him to move on to compete in the statewide competition that will be held at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Hussaini is the first ever Freeport student to advance to this next level.
Sophomore Rajiv Chanda’s highly advanced astronomy project took first place in the Molloy College Science Competition and earned him a gold award and monetary prize. This was the first time a student from Freeport had achieved this honor. “We have come a long way in developing an astronomy program at Freeport,” said director of science Dr. Vincent Pereira. “I would like to thank our high school science research teacher Edward Irwin and middle school science teacher Tom Doyle for their mentoring of students.”
The science department is committed to continuing their hard work with their students during the summer to prepare them for the Siemens and Intel Competitions.