How Do You Spell…

The Bayview Avenue School of Arts and Sciences completed its seventh annual spelling bee after students spent countless hours studying vocabulary words and definitions.

This event is one of Bayview’s most buzzed about activities of the year. The audience sat attentively as the contestants were challenged with words that progressively became more difficult.

In the end, the students were congratulated for their hard work and preparation and the winners, by grade level, were announced. A special thanks to the teachers and parents, who worked very hard to prepare all the finalists for the spelling bee.  Congratulations to all the finalists, you are all winners.   

The 2014 Spelling Bee winners are as follows:

2nd Grade   1st Place: Carlos Martinez
        2nd Place: Ariya Pesina
        3rd Place: James Bailey

3rd Grade   1st Place: Joseph Dibs
        2nd Place: Chelsea Chigozie Ezumah
        3rd Place:  Savanna Valentin

4th Grade   1st Place: Brenna Igneri
        2nd Place: Esterline Torres
        3rd Place: Genesis Aguilar