Seventh-Graders Welcomed to J.W. Dodd Middle School

New seventh-graders at J.W. Dodd Middle School were welcomed by Principal Johane Ligondé in an orientation that was also attended by their parents.
The students, who were seated in groups with their peers for the program, participated in team-building activities designed to foster confidence and self-esteem in light of a new beginning. After appointing a leader, each group wrote down characteristics about its members that kids felt would be conducive towards success at Dodd. Groups wrote down words such as “intelligent,” “creative,” and “successful,” which Ligondé reminded students would all be results of hard work.
During the program, students were also reminded about the code of conduct that is expected of them on a daily basis. They were told to prepare for more homework and to be mindful of their actions. Parents were reminded of the dangers of social media and encouraged to monitor their children’s online activities.
Students were also given a tour of the school, assigned lockers and had their photos taken for their personal student identification cards.
“It’s important for the children to know that success is achievable through hard work,” Ligondé said. “We’re very clear about what our expectations are for each child to maximize his or her potential.”