Students begin new school year in style

The district’s eight buildings opened on Sept. 2 with wide smiles on the faces of both new and returning students.

The Class of 2015 began its last year at Freeport High School among familiar faces, while the class of 2027 was escorted to the district’s various elementary schools by parents and guardians.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham was at Bayview Elementary School to greet the excited children stepping off of school buses. There was an undeniable buzz surrounding the school, as many children ran up to the building with their friends. Others held the hand of a parent and wore a colorful backpack, full of supplies for the new school year.

Although the warm temperatures outside made it feel as though summer vacation was far from over, children throughout the district were excited about their new beginnings and are ready to tackle the academic challenges of another school year.