Bayview Is Beacon for Musician Recognition

Musicians at Bayview are being recognized for their positive attitude, work ethic and good behavior through the new program “Musician of the Month.”
Implemented by music teacher Michael Young, the program rewards the school’s most outstanding musicians each month. The students receive certificates and have their names displayed on Young’s bulletin board.
Generally, seven students representing each of the major instruments — flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn and percussion — will be recognized each month. A set of three main criteria is used to determine those who are recognized: leadership (does the student help fellow students during lessons and rehearsals, and do they take charge and lead by example); responsibility (is the student prepared, does the student remember their instrument, does the student arrive at lessons, concerts and rehearsals on time); and work ethic (does the student practice their instrument every night, do they keep trying when they are having difficulty, are they making progress on their instrument).
 The school’s first group of exemplary musicians was honored for the month of December.