A Superheroic Lesson for Giblyn

Students at Giblyn were introduced to Enviroman, a conceptual superhero who taught them about the importance of keeping their school and community environmentally sound.

Enviroman was designed to provide a school-wide lesson in cleanliness, and was spearheaded by a project in Mrs. Patricia Vollkommer’s second-grade class. Students in the class created paper ‘Enviromen’ and each design was hung up around the school without an explanation.

Students were told that this superhero had unexpectedly visited the school, and they were asked to predict what his reason was. The following day, broken pencils, erasers, crumpled papers and markers were taped to each Enviroman’s hand, and students were again tasked with making a prediction as to the reason for the clutter. On the third and final day, speech bubbles containing advice about tidiness were hung over each Enviroman’s head. School security guard Ms. Jocelyn also participated in the project by leading the investigation and examining the clues.

Mrs. Vollkommer’s students kept the clues to the mystery a secret, and wrote a song about Enviroman to the tune of Spiderman. During a live visit from an Enviroman and an Envirogirl, the students sang the song and honored them with a Giblyn Clap Out ritual.