Giblyn Supports the Ride for Life

Students and staff of Giblyn helped raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and offered their support for patients by welcoming the ALS Ride for Life group.

Students displayed banners of encouragement for the riders, who stopped at the school on their way from the Hamptons to Manhattan. The riders, who are all at different stages of the disease, were treated to a performance by students under the direction of music teacher Shannon Abramovitz. To supplement their literature lessons about Lou Gehrig, students participated in an assembly led by Frank Verdone, a recently diagnosed ALS patient.

“It is such a wonderful event for the students to participate in,” said Principal Amanda Muldowney. “The ride is about perseverance, determination, compassion, social responsibility, awareness and hope.  These are traits we try to teach and instill in our children, but an event like this brings it to life for them and makes these traits real.”