Columbus Students Have a Field Day

Students and staff at Columbus didn’t let a rainy day deter them from participating in a day full of fun and friendly physical activities.

The school’s pre-kindergartners and kindergartners worked together to accomplish tasks during its annual Field Day program. Physical education teacher William Timmes, who organized the daylong spring staple, set up a variety of stations around the school gymnasium. Students were tasked with activities including balancing a ball on a cone, balancing a ring on a giant foam lollipop, crawling through a tunnel made of rolled-up mats to touch a cone and reverting back the starting point, and racing in potato sacks.

During a break, kindergartners also picnicked in the gymnasium, just as they would have on the field of Northeast Park in Freeport.

Field Day was designed to continue developing students’ motor skills and coordination, in addition to encouraging teamwork and physical activity.