Atkinson Students’ Independent Study Projects Impress


Students at Atkinson exhibited a wide range of independent study projects at the school’s annual Independent Study Festival.

The program, attended by families and teachers, featured research papers, display boards, informational cubes, mobiles and artifacts that the fifth- and sixth-graders created to demonstrate their knowledge of various topics, including World War II, Egypt, sharks and “Star Wars.”

Students researched their topics throughout the year. Following their selection of a topic, they were assigned to research them and prepare four separate components to represent their knowledge of the subject. To conduct their research, students visited the library, navigated the Internet, visited relevant destinations such as museums and zoos, and interviewed experts in their chosen fields.  

Students who successfully completed the four components of the project earned trophies. The purpose of the comprehensive project was to teach students how to conduct research in a variety of ways, to set a goal of obtaining information, to translate that information into presentable formats, and to enhance their knowledge.