Community Awards Scholarships to Class of 2015


There was a sense of heightened anticipation during the Freeport High School’s forty-seventh annual scholarship and honors program, as selected members of the Class of 2015 anxiously awaited the presentation of the coveted community scholarships.

More than $72,000 was generously donated by the Board of Education, administration, staff PTA, parent groups, alumni, veteran organizations, community residents and community organizations in recognition of the Class of 2015.

“We are here this evening to recognize your exemplary and unwavering commitment to expanding your intellectual capacity,” stated Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham. “Know that we understand the work you have accomplished to be here this evening. Tonight is one part of the rich and rewarding life that awaits all of you.”  Dr. Kuncham continued to recognize all those who generously donated scholarships to the Class of 2015 and thanked them for their ongoing support of the Freeport Public Schools and especially the Class of 2015.

Throughout the evening, more than 100 individuals and organizations presented generous scholarships to the appreciative and surprised members of the Class of 2015. The scholarships recognized students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, achievement while overcoming adversity, school service and community service.

“You are our shining stars,” stated Board of Education President Michael Pomerico. “Remember your families helped to build you into the fine young men and women you are today. They created the foundation for your success and now it is up to you to build upon that foundation. There are so many opportunities awaiting you.”

During the program, this year’s valedictorian Mohdshobair Hussaini, who will be attending Fordham University, in the fall and salutatorian Lois Evans who will be attending New York University in the fall were also recognized for their outstanding achievements.