Summer Academy of the Arts in Full Swing

The opportunities for learning are continuing through the summer vacation in the Freeport Public Schools.

The Summer Academy of the Arts 21st Century program, designed to enhance and accelerate learning of various arts-related courses and lessons, is underway for students in fourth- through eighth-grade.

Enrollment for the courses has exceeded expectations, as 250 district students are taking advantage of the widely-popular program. As part of the program, students have had the opportunity to supplement their lessons during the school year with extra exposure to wind and string instruments, choral music, musical technology, visual art, dance and theater. Students have been participating in activities such as drawing, script-writing and dancing. The program will culminate with a comprehensive showcase of students’ skills on July 31 in exit project Motown.

The Summer Academy of the Arts program is designed to advance students’ learning and cultivation of the arts, in addition to keeping their minds engaged as they enjoy their summer vacations.