Freeport Realtors See Schools’ Excellence

At a Realtors Luncheon hosted by the district, local Real Estate agents had an opportunity to learn about the schools’ various achievements, programs, and activities, and to engage in a dialog with district officials.  
The event, held at New Visions School, was attended by three of the district’s principals and members of its central administration, as well as Nassau County Legislator Laura Curran. Freeport Board of Education trustee Ronald Ellerbe, who is also a Freeport realtor, welcomed the special guests to the luncheon.
“Real estate agents and brokers are the ambassadors of our community,” Ellerbe said. “They are the ambassadors who sell the school district in a community. I’m able to sell it because I know about it and I work with it six to seven days out of the week. The purpose of this luncheon is to orientate you to what the Freeport Public School District is all about, and to give you a better understanding of what our schools stand for.”
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham spoke to the realtors about the unique benefits offered by Freeport’s magnet schools system and notable district highlights, including the historically high graduation rates, college credit programs at the high school, the research partnerships with many universities, and the solid financial status of the district including its consistently stellar bond rating of AA by Standard and Poor’s.
“We have a very strong and committed team of leaders here taking care of our schools, beginning with our Board of Education,” Dr. Kuncham said. “I’m very proud to say that we have more than 1,100 dedicated staff members committed to ensuring that the more than 7,300 students in our district receive the best education possible. We believe in excellence, and that is what we have been delivering during my time, our time, and previously as well. We’ll continue to do that into the future. We have a ‘whole child’ approach that is holistic and caters to the entire needs of every single child. Our priority will always be our students, and producing the future leaders of America and global citizens.”
The Realtors Luncheon was designed to provide Freeport real estate agents with an understanding of the district’s accomplishments, its school-choice Magnet Program, and the broad array of academic and extra-curricular programs offered across grades Pre-K through 12, information which would be of interest to prospective residents.