During the week of Election Day, Dodd hosted its annual student council elections. Prior to voting day, candidates campaigned throughout the week and delivered speeches detailing reasons why each thought he/she was the best choice for a position on the student council executive board. Each student at the school had the opportunity to cast a vote, and both seventh- and eighth-graders learned firsthand about the democratic process.
The new seventh-grade president is Arianna Persad, with Edward Awe voted as vice president; the eighth-grade president is Joseph Bisono and vice president is Emily Morris. Nicolina Secchi and Katelyn Sewcharran were elected as executive board trustees, Jayda Pollard won the position of treasurer and Yenifer Tuburcio-Jerez is the new Commissioner of Spirit.
Student Council has various fundraisers and events planned for the current school year, and the new executive board is set to help plan and execute them for the Dodd community.