NHS Inducts Record Number of Students


A record-breaking 129 students at the high school were inducted into the prestigious National Honor Society in a special candle-lighting ceremony before the Board of Education, district administrators, families and friends.

With current members of the NHS seated behind them in the high school’s Performing Arts Center, the new inductees were sworn into an organization that recognizes the four tenets of scholarship, service, leadership and character. Advisor Eileen Shultis, who led the program, announced the six NHS officers: President Carla Fortuna, Vice President Yumel Hernandez, Secretary Yerinette De La Rosa, Treasurer Jewelle Trotman, Student Liaison Jasmine Euell and Director of Community Service Shamir Lewis.

Individually, officers of the NHS spoke about the definition of each of the four pillars, and student class representatives lit candles to commemorate the new inductees’ exemplification of them. The names of the students who earned induction to the NHS were announced, and each received a medal from Principal Linda Carter. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, who administered the Honor Society Oath following the medal ceremony, commended students for being on the path to success and exhibiting well-rounded excellence.

“What you have accomplished so far is wonderful,” Dr. Kuncham said. “Although the journey will get tougher, I know all of you are prepared for it — you know what to do. Stay on the path, take it to the next level, and continue to have a great attitude. Having a great attitude is the single most important key to success and has a profound impact on your environment. Continue to believe in yourself and become your own biggest fan. When you believe in what you do and it’s a reflection of who you are, you become a magnet of exciting opportunities, and that makes you successful.”

NHS President Fortuna offered words of advice for her peers and urged senior inductees to make the most of their final year at the high school.

“I want you, the inductees and members, to walk away knowing that there is nothing wrong with telling yourself no, but know where and when to continue to strive,” she said. “It is okay to fail, but it is not okay to have a fear of failure. It took me many obstacles and experiences to be where I am today. All of you are leaders. Let’s leave Freeport High School with a bang. Interact with your classmates, join clubs, and most importantly, cherish every moment. Stay determined, and let’s make this year our year.”

As part of a Freeport High School tradition, all 129 inductees were encouraged to proudly wear their medals to school the following day as symbols of their remarkable achievements and success.