Roars of Applause for Dodd’s ‘Lion King Jr.’


To the delight of district students, families, staff members and administrators, the Dodd Drama Club presented its remarkable rendition of “The Lion King Jr.” at the high school’s Performing Arts Center.

Under the leadership of producer and director Robyn Workman and music director Kathleen Alvarez, students played their roles to perfection and harmoniously sang classic tunes popularized by the Broadway production and film, including “Hakuna Matata” and “Circle of Life.” The play also featured the decorative artwork of students in Amy Bendel’s seventh-grade art class.

The cast presented an afternoon preview of the show to students of schools across the district — Atkinson, Archer, Bayview, Columbus, Giblyn and New Visions —  prior to a full evening performance. The cast was comprised of seventh- and eighth-graders, including Mia Sorrentnino as Rafiki; Raven Morgan as Mufasa; Kaori Mordan as Sarabi; Simone Louder as Zazu; Elijah Hollingsworth as Scar; Jarrell Pampan as Young Simba; Vielka Abreu as Young Nala; Anthony Peralta as Simba; and Alia Nunge as Nala.

Dodd’s performance of “The Lion King Jr.” highlighted the incredible musical, theatrical and artistic talents of students, in addition to the stellar level of arts instruction they are receiving.