Spinning and Winning at Dodd

The technology department at Dodd has evolved considerably from the years of Industrial Arts and Shop class, with emphasis now placed on student enrichment through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) aligned projects.
Students in technology class are learning how to solve problems by applying concepts of mathematics and science learned in class. In one assignment, students were tasked with designing a children’s toy that can spin for one minute. Using lessons learned about engineering and manufacturing, students measured and safely cut wood with a back saw, and then designed and created individual child-safe handles for their tops using tools such as a band saw, drill press, rasp, file and sandpaper. Following a lesson in symmetry, students designed and created tops. The sawdust was cleaned up and a “Great Spin Off” was held by each class to determine which students’ tops would spin on various surfaces the longest.
The spinning-toy project is one of the latest STEAM-aligned activities that Dodd students have participated in as part of the technology curriculum this year.