From Giblyn to Native American Territory

Fourth-graders at Giblyn supplemented their studies of Native American history and lifestyles by participating in moving-museum educational program “Journeys into American Indian Territory.” The daylong exhibition featured several activities for students to take part in, including arts and crafts, song and dance, games and interactive discussions.
In one class activity, boys and girls were separated, and each group was tasked with coming to a unanimous decision about a debatable topic. The exercise mirrored the way in which Native American governmental matters were handled. In the school’s gymnasium, students were able to analyze artifacts, such as wampum dolls, porcupine quillwork, beadwork and traditional clothing. They were also able to walk through a model of a wigwam and observe its intricate walls.
The activities offered students several opportunities to observe firsthand what they are learning about the Native American culture in the classroom.