Nutrition Navigation and a Lesson in Survival

The gymnasium at Giblyn was transformed into an imaginative world that required students to display teamwork, unity, cooperation, preparation and applications of their knowledge of nutrition to reach certain goals.
As part of their gym classes during National Nutrition Month, physical education teacher Timothy Thom organized a unique activity for students, who were asked to pretend or imagine that they were on a remote island following a volcanic eruption. The goal of the activity was for students to work in teams to help each other get from one side of the gym to the other — designated as “safe island” — and being able to use only rolling scooters (boats) to get from one set of islands (mats) to the next. To survive, students first had to climb to the top of the school’s rock wall, where there were crates containing artificial items from each of the different food groups. Then, together they had to follow instructions to transport the food and each other to “safe island” without letting their feet touch any part of the ground that did not have mats. The students encouraged their peers to achieve each goal and offered helping hands throughout the event.
While the basis of the multifaceted activity was to strengthen their knowledge of nutrition, students continued developing a variety of crucial skills at Giblyn.