Culture Education at Giblyn


Fourth-graders at Giblyn learned about the virtues of different countries and cultures around the world while participating in activities designed to develop an appreciation for them on International Day.

The day featured an interactive “Ellis Island Experience” set up by faculty members that served to teach the students about what it was like for immigrants coming to Ellis Island looking for entry to America. Teachers patrolled the hallways as members of law enforcement who maintained order as the students waited for each exhibit to determine their eligibility to the country. Students, who had created “passports,” participated in activities encompassing the immigrant experience, including medical tests, interrogation, reading evaluation and a simulated boat ride.

Following the “Ellis Island Experience,” students were treated to a luncheon featuring foods from all over the world. They enjoyed tasting traditional staples of a variety of countries while observing song and dance performances by their peers. The gymnasium, which had been beautifully decorated with students’ culture-related artwork, was transformed to a forum of celebration and appreciation of diversity.

International Day at Giblyn was a fun and educational way for students to understand the types of experiences immigrants had coming to the country and how different cultures contribute to the mosaic of diversity that is America.