Giblyn Science Club


The Giblyn Science club, instructed by Ms. Casoria, ran for ten weeks comprised of third and fourth grade students that met prior to school on Thursday mornings from 8:00a.m. – 9:00 a.m.  The focus was how energy transfers from one form to another.  First the students explored mechanical kinetic and potential energy using a rubber band, stick and propeller.  They then proceeded to construct circuits to explore electrical transfer of energy creating series and parallel circuits to light bulbs, sound buzzers and run motors to spin propellers.  Students also engaged in the demonstration of an Energy ball while discovering how humans can create a circuit as long as metal was the conductor of electricity.

Students were challenged weekly to problem solve as a team and many times “go back to the drawing board” to determine which variable affected the final outcome, as well as what needed to be done to enhance the performance of the challenge.  Their final problem was to design and construct a car using simple machines while transferring electrical energy from the battery, to mechanical energy through the motor that would turn a propeller creating enough energy to move the car.  Student teams made multiple discoveries throughout this process.  For example, the propeller kept hitting the ground hence it needed to be elevated by building some sort of platform to hold the motor and propeller in place.  Other discoveries included adding a switch so that the students did not have to chase after their cars.

Finally even with all designs and mechanisms in place, some cars did not move.  Why?  Students concluded the base was touching the ground or the glue was insulating the metal blocking the flow of energy.  As a result it was, “back to the drawing board.”  This experience was one the students will treasure as they continue to explore the wonders that make science a natural part of everyday life.