Giblyn Serenades and Fundraises for the Ride


Continuing an annual tradition that began three years ago, students and staff at Giblyn warmly welcomed the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Ride for Life group during its trek from Riverhead to Manhattan.

The students created a mosaic of motivational signs and banners on the front lawn of the school, where Ride for Life members expressed their appreciation for the school’s ongoing efforts to help bring awareness of the disease and raise funds to help find a cure. Ride for Life received a check from Giblyn for $2,000, which students and staff collectively raised through several means, such as fourth-graders creating and selling origami flowers. The riders, who are all at different stages of the disease, were treated to two heartwarming choral performances by students under the direction of music teacher Shannon Abramovitz.

Giblyn’s continued support for the Ride for Life is shown through its annual fundraising efforts and heartwarming displays of compassion through song and art.