PeaceJam a Huge Hit

The PeaceJam Juniors Club at Bayview hosted a special presentation about Nobel Peace Prize Laureates they have learned about over the course of 10 weeks, and also showcased a book they authored and illustrated about Desmond Tutu.

Student members of the club, in its first year, took turns reading aloud the book they had created to families, adviser Cindy Misrock and school Principal Odette Wills. They then individually introduced themselves, spoke about what they learned from being a part of the PeaceJam Junior Club, and presented paper Nobel Peace Prizes to peers, parents and/or faculty members.

The event served not only as an educational forum for PeaceJam students to present their hard work, but also as the culminating activity of a club designed to teach members about the importance of peace, harmony and proper etiquette.