Archer’s Mobile Mini-MakerSpace Movement


Students at Archer Street used skills such as coding to create a group of academically rigorous projects and tasks as part of MakerSpace.

MakerSpace, which is a community where students create, problem-solve, and develop skills, talents and the ability to think “outside the box,” was set up with a variety of stations in the school’s gymnasium. The remarkable program, led by library media specialist Deborah Bergen, featured students explaining particular projects to their peers and staff members. Many of the tasks required students to work in groups to solve a problem or create an action plan. Each station outlined a specific goal that students worked together to achieve using their knowledge of STEAM — science, technology, engineering, art and math.

MakerSpace was part of an innovative grant program made possible through the fundraising efforts of the Freeport Educational Foundation. The program at Archer was a stellar example of the several grant-funded projects that are being held throughout the district.