Bayview’s Firefighter Program

This past school year, Bayview third-graders celebrated the 10th year of the Hooked on Firefighters program.

Beginning the year with a kickoff celebration, students met firefighters and began their studies on fire prevention safety. Since the firefighter program started, representatives have presented at the Bayview October PTA meeting on Home Escape Plans. The firefighters follow up in the classrooms with students reviewing their own home escape plans. During two more classroom visits, firefighters continue with fire prevention activities, and at the end, students take a junior fire marshall quiz.

The school year’s cumulative celebration took place at the Nassau County Firefighters Museum and Education Center. Students presented their fire safety knowledge with performances of songs and skits to Freeport volunteer firefighters, who had taught them throughout the year.

Fifty-one third-grade students scored 100 percent on the final junior fire marshall quiz, and were recognized by Executive Director Ray Maguire, Ex-Chief Ed Friedman and Hooked on Firefighters Coordinator Cindy Misrock.