The district is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a competitive Extended Day Grant totaling $1.725 million. This grant, which was awarded to only three school districts on Long Island, will provide the district with annual funding of $350,000 over a five-year period.  

Through this grant, the district plans to implement an extended school day model, titled Enrichment to Excellence (E2E), where in nontraditional settings participants will experience a diverse offering of specialized learning activities, specifically designed not only to educate, but also to excite and motivate students to excel.

A key component of this E2E program will include partnerships with various organizations the district has successfully worked with through previous grants and district-funded collaborations and with organizations that will support and develop the district’s mission to inspire excitement in learning. Partners will include the Long Island Children’s Museum; the Cradle of Aviation Museum; Healing, Empowerment, Learning and Prevention (HELP) Services (formerly Freeport Pride); the Freeport Recreation Center; the International Association of Human Values through their Youth Empowerment Seminars (YES!); the South Shore Child Guidance Center; Culture Play; and the Hofstra University Museum.

“We are committed to providing all students with challenging learning experiences that will not only educate, but motivate and inspire them to achieve success,” stated Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham. “We are extremely pleased and grateful to be awarded this grant and look forward to working with our partner organizations to further develop our mission.”

The E2E program will offer unique learning opportunities through these professional partnerships. Students enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to visit six different learning sites over a two-week period, with the cycle repeating throughout the school year. A total of 75 visitations to partner organizations will enable the students to participate in innovative learning activities and experience learning from a fun, hands-on perspective in a nontraditional learning environment.

Student participation in the E2E program will be determined by a committee review of student data from the Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School and John W. Dodd Middle School. The committee comprised of administrators, teachers, guidance counselors and social workers, will identify 88 students in grades 6 through 8 totaling 264 students who will participate in this program. As an added element to this program, district social workers will also have an opportunity to work with family members of students in this program.