Dodd Talks Water With Author

As part of one of the English Language Arts modules that a seventh-grade Honors Research class at Dodd is focusing on, students had the opportunity to supplement their classroom lessons by participating in a videoconference call with a New York Times bestselling author.

Ninety-four students participated in the videoconference call with Charles Fishman, who wrote “The Big Thirst” — the primary book being used in the class’ module about water sustainability. The students have taken a particular interest in this three-unit module because they recognize the difference they can make by becoming “change agents” within their own communities. They prepared for the event by developing higher-order thinking questions and sending them to Fishman prior to the videoconference call, which he conducted in an engaging question-and-answer format. He called upon students one at a time to speak to them directly and answer their inquiries. He also spoke about various topics, including global and local water crises and the importance of becoming eco-friendly environmentalists.

The videoconference call was a fun and educational way to provide students with insight about water sustainability and the ways they can execute more positive water management practices within the community.