Author Visits Giblyn

To help kick off the 2016 Pick a Reading Partner program sponsored by the school's PTA, children's author Daryl Cobb visited Giblyn and delivered an inspirational presentation about his journey from being a musician in Nashville to becoming a published author.
The author’s visit was designed to connect with students' life experiences to further engage them in reading and writing. Cobb captivated the students with his fun, literature-based songs, and students enjoyed clapping and singing along to his musical story presentations. Cobb explained how he was able to become published, and the students had the opportunity to see their teachers participate in an interactive reader’s theater.
Cobb also shared some useful tips on how to be a great author and explained how his story ideas stem from small moments in his life. The students were able to make the connection between this idea and what they are currently studying in the Lucy Calkins Writing Program at school. He also emphasized the importance of perseverance in writing by explaining all of the edits and revisions that he makes before his books are published. By creating an interactive shared story, Cobb got the fourth-graders to really think about using their senses to add details and realize the importance of creating conflicts and realistic solutions in their stories.
Additionally, a group of third-grade students who participated in the Freeport Memorial Library Summer Reading Program were selected for a special luncheon with Cobb prior to the assembly. They came prepared with questions for the author and were able to speak with him about his career.
Later that night, students and families were invited back to Giblyn for another special presentation by Cobb. The students sang songs, listened to his stories and then had the chance to meet with the author to have a book signed or a photo taken with him.  
The assemblies served to inspire and excite the students to get started on their PARP reading. They also gained a better understanding of the writing process and were more motivated and eager to use their creativity and experiences to write their own stories.