Ninety-Three Inducted to National Honor Society


Ninety-three standout students at the high school were inducted to the prestigious National Honor Society in a special candlelighting ceremony attended by members of the board of education, district administrators, families and friends.

The new inductees, sitting among current members of the NHS, were sworn into an organization that recognizes the four tenets of scholarship, service, leadership and character. Adviser Eileen Shultis, who led the program, announced the six NHS officers: President Phalan Smith, Vice President Nyeem Mahoney, Secretary Kimberly Adames, Treasurer Karissa Collins, Student Liaison Elizabeth Sekreta and Director of Community Service Jamie Lopez-Lamar.

Individually, the officers spoke about what each pillar represents and means, and student class representatives lit candles to commemorate the new inductees’ exemplification of them. The names of the students who earned induction to the NHS were announced, and each received a medal from Principal Linda Carter. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, who administered the Honor Society Oath following the medal ceremony, commended students for being on the path to success and exhibiting well-rounded excellence.

“What you have all shown is that you have excelled in many aspects of life,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham said. “It is so important to excel in the four facets of scholarship, leadership, service and character. These are the pillars that will guide you, not only now, but throughout your life. The standards are so high, and you are not here by accident. Your hard work and dedication, and the virtues you have carried with you all your life, have earned you a place in this prestigious organization.”

All 93 new inductees were encouraged to proudly wear their medals to school the following day as part of a longstanding Freeport High School tradition.‚Äč