Dignity and Discipline on Display


Members of the high school’s Navy Junior ROTC demonstrated their poise and precision at the annual Inspection and Battalion Parade before the Freeport Public School District Board of Education, administrators, Village of Freeport trustees, local war veterans and families.

The program’s 269 students performed their drills accurately and in harmony en route to passing their inspection, which was conducted by Navy Recruiting District New York Executive Officer Commander Christian Gaskill.

“When I look at what this program is meant to achieve, it’s about citizenship, service to country, and teaching these young men and women about responsibility and accomplishment,” said Commander Gaskill. “I got a chance to inspect these men and women, and I asked them why they joined the program. Almost every one of them said ‘I wanted the leadership, camaraderie, and the sense of pride.’ And that’s exactly what they’re getting. I want to give a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all the families here, because without the support they have at home, they’re can’t do what they do.”

Board of Education President Michael Pomerico and Freeport High School Principal Linda Carter each told the cadets and their leaders how proud they should be for showcasing such stellar skills and composure, and encouraged them to continue developing their leadership skills. They also praised Senior Naval Science Instructor Major Donald Moore, Jr. and Naval Science Instructor Chief Louis A. Lopez for their unwavering dedication to the school’s NJROTC program and its members.

The inspection and parade served as a forum to celebrate the hard work of the members and staff of the high school’s NJROTC program.