Science Explorations

Science Explorations

The below are various spectacles taking place in Christine Myers’ 21st Century Science Exploration class:

Pipe Cleaner Tower: Free-standing towers were created out of pipe cleaners. The students tried to stack the pipe cleaners and keep it balanced at the same time. Then, they each put one hand behind their backs to make the experiment more challenging. They then tried to stack them up with one hand. For the final seconds of the challenge, Ms. Myers allowed the class to take their arms out from behind their backs and assemble the rest of their tower. Finally, students had a contest to see whose tower was taller.

Egg Drop: Students conducted an experiment where they dropped an egg to test gravity. Their theory was that specific items could be used to drop a fragile, heavy object and it would land safely. They used certain items for the experiment such as balloons and tape to help their eggs land safely on the ground without a crack. This tested gravity by weight. The heavier it was, their guess was, the faster it would fall. Their eggs both cracked and landed safely depending on the materials used. From this experiment, the class concluded its theories on gravity.

Quicksand: During this program, the students made quicksand and learned about the states of solid, liquid and gas. They mixed cornmeal and water to create this. When they placed their hands into the mixture, the “quicksand” felt like a liquid. However, when they squished it with their hands it turned into more of a solid. They concluded that the quicksand could be a solid and a liquid at the same time.

Volcano: The class organized a volcano experiment by using a base and an acid. They used a beaker and combined vinegar and baking soda. The resulting experiment smelled like salt and vinegar potato chips, was white, and bubbled and fizzed while it flowed and resembled Sprite soda.
Walking Rainbow: To make the Walking Rainbow, the students used water, food coloring and paper towels. They poured water and food coloring into cups, and then folded pieces of paper towel into them and watched as the water was absorbed from one cup into another cup because it acted as a conductor for the water.    

Lava Lamp: The students gathered all the necessary materials: empty water bottle, baby oil, water, food coloring and an Alka-Seltzer tablet. They poured the baby oil in the bottles and added the food coloring and watched as it traveled to the bottom. They then filled the rest of the bottle with water and added the Alka-Seltzer tablet to watch as a chemical reaction took place.