Chorale Performs National Anthem at Gov. Cuomo’s Address

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On Jan. 10, the high school’s Select Chorale had the prestigious honor of performing the national anthem prior to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “State of the State” address at SUNY Farmingdale. The group, who received a special invitation to perform by the Governor’s Office, showcased the poise and harmony that have earned it remarkable acclaim under the leadership of Director Monique Retzlaff. At the governor’s address, Retzlaff conducted a balanced ensemble of 10 students on stage, while other members of the group supported them from the audience.

The Chorale adds this performance to a list of prestigious venues it has been privileged to showcase its excellence at, including Carnegie Hall, the Empire State Building and Kennedy Center.

It is also the second time this school year that Freeport students have had the opportunity to observe the Democratic process; last month, students attended the Electoral College certification in Albany.

“This amazing group’s musical talents, stage presence and overall etiquette as individuals collectively exhibit a level of excellence worthy of earning the honor of performing at an event for the Excelsior Empire State,” said Retzlaff.