Tax Tutorials and Financial Fun

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Students in the high school's 21st Century High School Heroes club, under the direction of adviser Eileen Shultis, visited New Visions to conduct age-appropriate financial and economics lessons to second-grade students.

The high school students planned for the day by preparing material provided by nonprofit youth organization Junior Achievement. The second-graders participated in interactive activities, such as career tic-tac-toe and a money match-up game, that were designed to teach them about a variety of topics, including work readiness, voting on spending, careers in a community and specific skills required for each job. They also learned about the basic role of taxes, and how taxes support government services. The day culminated with an activity that demonstrated how money flows in an economy.

Lessons presented correlated to standards in social studies, English, math and 21st Century Skills, and gave students from both schools the opportunity to form a bond and learn from each other.