Welcome Back to the Superheroes of Our Schools

Superheroes of Our Schools Pic

With great enthusiasm and excitement, district staff members were welcomed back as Superheroes at Superintendent’s Conference Day prior to the start of the 2017-2018 school year. As they return to school on Sept. 5 wearing their invisible capes, staff throughout the Freeport Public School District are primed to continue serving students and helping them achieve their dreams and become superstars.

Such was the overarching theme at the district’s inspiring and informative two-day Conference. Staff members from each of the district’s eight schools gathered at the Freeport High School Performing Arts Center, and were encouraged to continue using their superpowers as educators and role models to unlock students’ potential. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham asked the staff to unleash their superpowers. “You are the heart of this organization. You have my super support and deepest appreciation as our students, our superstars, come back next week.”

Dr. Kuncham discussed many of the district’s accomplishments over the course of the past year and spoke about priorities and goals for the year ahead.

“With your commitment and dedication to our children, to Freeport and to our families, you make any challenge less daunting,” Dr. Kuncham said. “I want to give a super, super thank you to everyone in every school. You have pushed, guided and counseled our children to winning awards and overcoming many personal obstacles. We are moving with direction, momentum, optimism, determination, equity and excellence for every child. That’s our focus: the whole child, the happy child, graduating on time and being college, career, and life ready. Always remember, you are superheroes, and superheroes have one thing in common. They are all in, all the time, as often as possible. They aim for excellence, so you do , and so you will!”

Dr. Kuncham reminded staff that with great powers comes great responsibility. “You have the superpower of encouragement and the ability to change lives and change futures. I ask you to see that everything is on the line, give it your all,making each triumph that much bigger, bolder and awe-inspring, as Superheroes do.”

Quoting Commissioner James Gordon from “Batman,” Board of Education President Michael Pomerico charged staff members with leaving a lasting impression on students.

“‘You’re going to make a difference,’” Pomerico said. “Thank you for your dedication, commitment to excellence and patience. I wish you a successful school year; be the one to make a difference.”
The first day’s program culminated with an energetic and empowering dance performance by students wearing capes, who inspired staff members to share in their enthusiasm for the start of the upcoming school year.

On the second day, staff members divided into smaller groups and participated in several professional development workshops including Google Classroom and Khan Academy, Google Apps for Google Classrooms, Writing Worshop, NYS Science Learning Standards, Social Studies Curriculum and Instructional Updates, Go Math, Digital Workshops and Positive Behavioral Supports.

Superintendent’s Conference Day was more than just an inspirational precursor to the school year; it was an assembly of superheroes set to embark on another year dedicated to the total development of superstars.