Archer’s Amazing Act of Altruism

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As part of their ongoing commitment to altruism, students and staff at Archer Street raised $1,200 in relief funds that were used to purchase much-needed supplies for victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The effort included Archer staff members shopping for the necessities at a Freeport supply store, where they were met by local firefighters who arranged to have them delivered to Puerto Rico.

“Hurricane Maria has left Puerto Rico without power, water and basic necessities for all of its residents,” said Archer teacher Josie Velez, who has family in Puerto Rico. “The island is in need of absolutely everything and it is important that we do our part to help in any way possible.”

The fundraiser and follow-up effort to help aid Puerto Rico’s recovery was also designed to teach students about the importance of compassion and helping others, especially in their times of need.