New Visions Honors Everyday Heroes

New Visions Honors Everyday Heroes photo
Students, staff and administrators at New Visions gathered to celebrate everyday heroes in the school community in the Heroes Among Us assembly.

The event, designed to teach students that there are true heroes among them every day and that they can be heroes themselves, was organized by school reading specialist Lori Golbert. The program celebrated the hard work and selflessness of four heroes: school nurse Toni Pincus and her guide dog in training, Captain; Al Villanueva, the husband of a former teacher at New Visions School who provides tutoring and support for students; U.S. Army Sergeant and student teacher in the district Peppy Cabrera; and U.S. Marine Private Jose Medina, who is the brother of New Visions fourth-grader Joceiry Duran. Each honoree was introduced by a member of the New Visions community and presented with a certificate of appreciation for their heroism.

“Heroes aren’t just famous people,” Golbert said. “They are everyday people, just like us. Who is a hero? A hero is someone who is admired for qualities or achievements and regarded as a role model. A hero is a person who is distinguished by exceptional courage and strength. You should recognize that you can be a hero, too!”