Freeport Village Honors Freeport Cares at Martin Luther King Day Celebration

Freeport Village Honors Freeport Cares at Martin Luther King Day Celebration photo
Freeport Village Honors Freeport Cares at Martin Luther King Day Celebration photo 2
Freeport Village Honors Freeport Cares at Martin Luther King Day Celebration photo 3

The Village of Freeport and the Freeport Commission on Human Relations honored Freeport Cares at a ceremony celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Freeport Cares, an organization chaired by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, consists of Freeport Public Schools, Freeport Village, civic organizations, clergy leaders, the business community and other service organizations. Freeport Cares was presented with a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. award to recognize its exemplary leadership and peace advocacy efforts and collaboration among various organizations to support our youth and families, and address quality of life issues in Freeport and beyond.

Following an amazing and inspiring musical performance by the fifth-grade Chorus of Caroline G. Atkinson School, Chairman of the Freeport Commission on Human Relations Conor Kirwan and Freeport Village Mayor Robert Kennedy thanked Freeport Cares for all they do for the Freeport community. Dr. Kuncham thanked the Village trustees and the Freeport Commission on Human Relations for the honor, and spoke about the importance of Freeport Cares and the work they have done to promote peace in Freeport. He also thanked the members of Freeport Cares, and noted that the group’s work moves forward the timeless values of Dr. King and his message.

“As we celebrate Dr. King’s birthday, we remember his accomplishments which are nothing short of extraordinary,” Dr. Kuncham said. “Let us embrace his legacy – the values of universal love, compassion, truth, justice, service, humility, dignity, forgiveness, reconciliation and nonviolence. Let us resolve to make Dr. King’s dream a reality forever and not shortchange it. Let us continue to promote peace and a vibrant spirit of sister and brotherhood in Freeport and beyond. Let us not hold back on cashing the check that gives us upon demand the courage, strength and commitment to boldly stand up for justice, humanity and American values for all.”

The recognition of Freeport Cares as an outstanding peace advocacy group is a testament to its dedication to moving forward Dr. King’s invaluable messages of peaceful coexistence. Freeport Schools alumni Skye Hamilton-Carranza awed the gathering with a soulful instrumental solo. In attendance to commemorate the occasion were Legislator Steven Rhodes, Legislator Debra Mulé, Freeport Village Mayor Kennedy, Freeport Public School Board President Michael Pomerico, and school board and village trustees.

Freeport Cares is comprised of the following dedicated individuals: Chairperson Dr. Kishore Kuncham, Dr. Alice Kane, Joseph Mille, Gisselle Campbell-Ham, Ruth Breidenbach, Therese Casoria, Michael Pomerico, Ronald Ellerbe, Vilma Lancaster, Anthony J. Miller, Chief Miguel Bermudez, Deputy Chief Michael J. Smith, Dewey Smalls, Diane Harvey, Jean Keogh-Domingo, Patricia Fulton, Dan Yngstrom, Derick Dingle, Jason Chatelain, Barbara Jordan, Pastor Bishop, Anthone White, Rev. Dexter Hedgepeth, Rev. Carlos Vargas, Pastor, Rev. Douglas Arcoleo, Pastor, Rev. Phil Prestamo, Rev. Dr. Eric C. Mallete, Rev. Raymond Wilson, Rev. Stephen Michael Lewis,Pastor, Rev. Dr. Eugene H. Purvis, Bishop Ronald Carter, Pastor, Christopher McBride, Christine Waters, Claudia Swansey, Calvel Venzen, Eric Robinson, Robert Suarez, Roderick B. Wilson, Bill Tetreault and Chuk Fowler.