Columbus Students Discover the Splendor of Space

Columbus Students Discover the Splendor of Space photo thumbnail86454

Columbus Avenue was transformed into a space station of sorts as part of Discovery Day, featuring a slate of workshops and activities throughout the school designed to introduce pre-kindergartners and kindergartners to astronomy. The program was a precursor to a unique opportunity the district will have later this school year, as students will be attempting a video and audio connection with the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Students immersed themselves in interactive lessons about topics such as the planets, stars, astronauts and spaceships. A wide range of activities across the schools allowed them to create space-related artwork, such as hats and paper-rockets; observe what the inside of a spaceship looks like; observe a model of the sun; listen to sounds from space; “blast off” into reading in the hallway; and construct their own constellations using kits.

As part of the audio and video connection that will take place, students across the district will have 10 minutes to collectively ask 10 questions of the astronauts aboard the ISS. Discovery Day is one of several events planned throughout the district to prepare the students for this incredible opportunity.