Teacher and Students Earn Invitation to Science Symposium

Teacher and Students Earn Invitation to Science Symposium photo
High school earth science teacher Elodie Bourbon and five of her students have earned the unique opportunity to attend the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region Student Research Symposium in Buffalo, New York, on May 4-5. The trip will be fully funded by the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment program.

In order to receive a grant from the Freeport Educational Foundation in December 2017, Bourbon and her students studied the relationship between the surface temperature and the snow on the ground around Freeport High School. The students then sent their data to scientists who are involved in the GLOBE program, and also participated in a webinar with GLOBE program director and University of Toledo professor Kevin Czajkowski.

The students who may be joining Bourbon on the trip to the symposium, where they will present their results, are juniors Kateryn Diaz Valladares, Reina Jimenez Mendez, Jose Maldonado Velasquez, Fernando Hernandez-Cruz and Wilmer Ajiataz Barrios.

The high school’s science department extends its appreciation to the Freeport Educational Foundation for laying the groundwork to make this opportunity possible.