School Board President Receives Prestigious Education Partner Award

School Board President Receives Prestigious Education Partner Award photo
District Board of Education President Mr. Michael Pomerico received the Nassau BOCES 2018 Education Partner Award on April 11 for his outstanding contributions to public education in Nassau County. He was one of 15 individuals who were honored at the 12th annual Nassau BOCES Education Partner Awards Gala.

Mr. Pomerico has served on the Freeport Public School District Board of Education for the past 10 years, and as president for the past four years. During this time and under his leadership, the district has submitted resolutions to the New York State School Board Association to advocate for appropriate funding to meet the varied needs of its English language learners and to raise the limit on unrestricted fund balance. He has also consistently advocated for Freeport and public education among local representatives, as well as legislators at the state level. Mr. Pomerico has called for fair, timely and equitable funding through state aid, and discussed issues including increased costs to public education, numerous unfunded mandates pertaining to special education, unaccompanied minors and the tax levy cap. He has ensured that he is up to date with the latest information and issues impacting public education, and routinely presents advocacy information to the public regarding pending regulations, trends and concerns. Mr. Pomerico also works closely with the PTA Council and the building PTAs so that they are able to share information as well.

Under his leadership, the board has been active members of the Reform Education Financing Inequities Today and the New York State School Boards Association legislative committee. The district has also been able to expand the number of advanced placement and dual enrollment classes it offers, in addition to increasing its graduation rate to record highs under his leadership.

The district extends its congratulations and appreciation to Mr. Michael Pomerico for his remarkable contributions to public education, especially to Freeport Public Schools and for being recognized with the Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award.