FHS Class of 2022 Graduates from Dodd

FHS Class of 2022 Graduates from Dodd

The accomplishments and dedication to excellence of students at Dodd, were celebrated during a beautiful eighth-grade graduation ceremony on June 21. The program, which took place at Atkinson, included members of the board of education, administrators, staff and families, who applauded the students’ successful completion and wished them luck in the high school.

Following a welcome by Principal Johane Ligondé, select chorale director Dr. Sherill Spruill led her group through a riveting rendition of the national anthem. The master and mistress of ceremonies were students Carlos Escobar and Gracelyn Jean-Baptiste, who delivered heartfelt farewell addresses to their peers and recognized teachers who were instrumental throughout their journey at Dodd. In separate motivational speeches, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, Board of Education President Michal Pomerico, Ligondé and Assistant Principal Dr. Danielle Ballard all provided words of praise and encouragement to the graduates.

“You have successfully put in the effort and work needed to lead to this moment,” said Dr. Kuncham. “Next year, you will begin the challenging and rewarding work that will ultimately lead to your high school diploma. Remember, as you take this amazing step in your life, that with change comes opportunity. It is a chance to create a difference, make an improvement and strive toward your goals. It has been said that opportunities are often disguised as hard work, and that is the truth. The Freeport schools, families and community are here to support you in pursuing your dreams.”

“Graduates, today is a wonderful day to celebrate your accomplishment,” Pomerico said. “The friends you have made, the difficulties you have overcome, the highs and lows that you have had, all making it possible to be here this afternoon. Here you are getting ready to move onto the high school. Not only is it self-rewarding, but we are all so proud of you.”

“What decisions are you going to make to ensure you achieve your success?” Ligondé said. “Become bigger and become better than you are today. It’s important to spend your time where your potential is. We know about all the amazing programs offered at Freeport High School; today I ask you, what will you have to offer Freeport High School? It is your job to ensure that your gifts and talents are explored.”
“Remember a goal without a plan is just a wish,” Dr. Ballard said. “You are truly amazing young men and women, and I can’t wait to see what adults you grow to become. There are originals, there are remixes and remakes, but you, Dodd Class of 2018? You are truly a limited edition.”

The select chorale then performed “Found Tonight” by Lin-Manuel Miranda prior to the ceremonial presentation of graduates who were announced one by one by the homeroom teachers. The program concluded with students’ performance of “Sine Nomine” by Ralph Vaughan Williams under the direction of ensemble directors Candice Mordhorst and Adam Rubin, and the high school’s Class of 2022 walked off the field prepared for the next exciting chapter in their academic careers.