Staff encouraged to take the next giant leap

Staff encouraged to take the next giant leap photo

The Performing Arts Center at the high school was filled with enthusiasm on Aug. 29, as district staff took their seats for the annual superintendent’s conference day to prepare for the 2018-2019 school year.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham welcomed staff from each building and introduced members of the Board of Education, administration and staff. 

In his speech, Board of Education President Michael Pomerico commemorated staff on their efforts in previous school years.

“The Board of Education thanks you for your tireless efforts, your dedication and your commitment,” Pomerico said. “The Board of Education knows that everyone is doing whatever it takes for our students to succeed and we know you will continue to do that. On behalf of the board, have a very successful year and thank you for all you do.”

Dr. Kuncham spoke of the district’s achievements and accomplishments and highlighted the goals for the upcoming school year. These include health and wellness, safety, rigorous academic initiatives, technology initiatives and advocating for students. He added that the mission is to educate and inspire students, and to continue with optimism, faith, trust, direction and enthusiasm. 

Dr. Kuncham stated that the district was set to take another giant leap. “We have the capacity, the potential, we have the resources, we have the hearts, we just need to dare to blast off!” During his speech, he referred to teachers as “explorers” and students as “rockets.”

“Our students are rockets who have the potential to achieve great heights and each needs the fuel to fly. It is up to you to fuel them with education, care and compassion so that they can fly as high as they want. Take them to the next level of their lives. Obstacles are always changing, but so are we. You all have been prepped for this year’s giant leap into the known and unknown. Let’s see what’s out there and what’s inside each one of us,” Dr. Kuncham continued. “I’m completely confident in your abilities to achieve the mission. I’m incredibly proud of you and I would not want to go on this mission with anyone else.”

Students and members of the Summer Academy of the Arts dazzled the teachers and staff with an exciting and inspirational musical and dance performance, which reflected the next giant leap theme of the school year to honor the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.  

Following the conference and energetic student performances, teachers reported to their respective schools to continue preparation for the upcoming school year.