Atkinson’s Parents Take the Next Giant Leap

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It was a packed house at Atkinson on Sept. 13, as parents took their next giant leap for their children’s intermediate level journey at the school’s Back to School Night. The evening began with the Atkinson PTA and Grupo de Padres Meeting in the cafeteria, while the Dollars for Scholars spent the night in friendly conversation with parents and sold t-shirts.

Everyone gathered in the auditorium to hear an overview of courses and expectations, which was led by the building principal, Mrs. Connie Velez. We were elated to have been joined by members of the Board of Education, including President Michael Pomerico and Vice President Anthony J. Miller, as well as our Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham. Teams of teachers were introduced and applauded before heading to their classrooms to host the parents. This night set the tone for success and a year that will be out of this world.