Symposium Hosted for Math Educators

Symposium Hosted for Math Educators photo
Symposium Hosted for Math Educators photo 2
Bayview Avenue School hosted the “Deeper Learning: The Neuroscience of Learning Math” symposium on Oct. 3, where Nigel Nisbet, vice president of content creation at MIND Research Institute, spoke to Long Island teachers and district administrators on techniques to engage students and enhance the learning experience in mathematics.

Anthony Murray, director of math and technology, introduced Nisbet to the crowd and thanked the Freeport administration and Bayview school for hosting the amazing opportunity. 

“I think mathematics is one of the greatest intellectual achievements of human kind,” Murray said. “We are all in a position where we can influence, encourage, promote and redesign learning experiences for our students. This enables us to produce future-ready students.”

Nisbet engaged the crowd with various exercises that included ST Math’s “Jiji The Penguin.” With these exercises, teachers and administrators experienced a visually creative instructional program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math.