Winner of 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics Visits High School

weiss photo

The district was honored to welcome Dr. Rainer Weiss, winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in physics and professor at MIT, to the high school, where he presented his discovery of gravitational waves to students, faculty and invited guests, and interacted with students throughout the day. 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham said that he was thrilled and honored to have Dr. Weiss at the high school, and called the day historic for Freeport schools. “The purpose was to have somebody of that stature, a Nobel Prize winner, being able to inspire our students to be the future scientists and the future leaders of the world.”

During this memorable and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students, Dr. Weiss witnessed students mimic his black hole experiment and student research presentations. Dr. Weiss said he was impressed with the science program at Freeport schools after listening to the active science curriculum and the opportunities the district offers students.

“To hear somebody of that stature observe the work we are doing here and describe it as extraordinary, amazing and rare is gratifying,” Dr. Kishore Kuncham said. “We are providing world-class opportunities and partnerships for our students to better themselves, to shine and to be motivated.”

Dr. Weiss also engaged students and staff one-on-one in intriguing conversations about science and took a tour of the high school science research lab. “Getting to meet a Nobel Laureate is an experience of a lifetime and a great moment for Freeport students and the Freeport School District,” Vincent Pereira, director of science, said. “Dr. Weiss showed our students the wonders of doing science and the qualities to keep persevering until you reach your goal.” 

To show their appreciation for his time at the high school, the Freeport administration and staff presented Dr. Weiss with a gift basket toward the end of the day.

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