Rules to Live By From TED Talks

Rules to Live By From TED Talks photo

While students in Mrs. Cunnane’s sixth-grade ENL class are learning a new language in a new cultural environment, they are also doing the same with technology. The mission is to teach students that what doesn’t challenges us, doesn’t change us. Students witnessed this example through Mrs. Cunnane’s display of vulnerability, where she shared her fear of new challenges with the class, but modeled willingness to take it on, to lead the students in their quest to master a new language.

During a lesson for their current Rules to Live By module, students partnered up or chose to work alone on viewing TED-Ed talks on their Chromebooks. The TED talks were pre-selected and assigned in their Google classroom. The assignment required students to watch the TED talks, analyze the message and then share their analysis with the class, along with their interpretation of what the "Rules to Live By" were from the video.

Mrs. Cunnane said the purpose “is to end the module unit with the students creating their own TED talk video based on the Rules to Live By that we have discussed in class.”