Students Face-Off in Freeport Idol Competition

Students Face-Off in Freeport Idol Competition photo

Students at the high school serenaded the audience in the performing arts center during the schools sixth annual Freeport Idol.

The event is an adaptation of the national singing competition television series “American Idol,” and featured nine student contestants. Each student performed individual ballads in front of judges, who critiqued their work and provided insight after each performance. This year’s judges were Dr. Sherill Spruill, Mr. Justin Friedman, and Dr. Talonda Thomas. The first-place winner received $100, second won $50 and third won $25.

Student participants included Gabriel Alvarado, Abigail Brown, Trentin Chalmers, Kristie Johnson, Karla Martinez, Mayralee Martinez, Essence Newby, Tiffany Tavares and Hailee Yearwood. After the first round of individual performances, the judges selected the top five contestants who went through another round of performances. 

The first-, second- and third-place winners of the 2018 Freeport Idol contest were Trentin Chalmers, Abigail Brown and Mayralee Martinez, respectively. Gabriel Alvarado took fourth place and was also the audience choice winner.